Top Hat Bell Reflector Knob

The right look for Gibson restorations
Bell-shaped volume and tone knobs with metal top. The numbers are molded right into the plastic, not painted on.


Found on Gibson® guitars from the '60s through the '80s, these replica knobs are a great choice for restoring an original look or giving new builds an extra level of cool. Seen on modern Gibson reissues too.


Sold individually.


Check your control pot shafts before you order!
Almost all press-on knobs that fit coarse-knurled 18-spline pot shafts (such as Alpha) won't fit fine-knurled 24-spline shafts (such as CTS), and vice versa.


This Knobs will fit only 24-spline shafts such as CTS, perfect fit for Emerson Pro CTS Potentiometers!

Top Hat Bell Reflector Knob