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Prewired 3-Way Switchcraft Short Straight Toggle Switch

Here is our newly redesigned Prewired 3-Way Toggle Switch. Color coded 22 gauge wire makes soldering a breeze... No more cussing over getting that vintage outer braid to heat up so you can solder your grounds. Professionally wired up and ready to throw in your Les Paul, or any other style of guitar that requires a Gibson style 3-way toggle switch. We've done all the hard work for you so that you can have a flawless and reliable sound in an easy to install package.


    • Fits USA made Gibson LP's, USA Made PRS's 245's, Tele Deluxes, Epiphones and most other Gibson-Style imports with very little modification.
    • Made In the USA Switchcraft Toggle Switch handwired with color coded 22 gauge wire. All soldered switch connections are reinforced with heatshrink to ensure years of trouble-free use.
    • Switch Tip NOT Included (Sold Separately)
    • Built to last, replace your scratchy and noisy switch today!
  • Please leave the heatshrink that binds all the wires intact until you have fed the switch assembly and wires completely thru your guitar’s pickup/cavoty routes. This will ensure a smoother install and also protect the wires from damage during the install process. Once you feed the wires into the control cavity, leave a couple inches of slack to push back into the wire route for future use if need be. To remove the outer gray jacket, simply score the outer gray jacket with some scissors or some wire strippers. Do not cut all the way thru this as you do not want to damage any of the internal wires. Once you score the outer jacket pull of the excess jacket that you don’t need. Remove the excess inner foil (unwrap neatly then cut off near the beginning of the outer jacket. Next solder the inner wires as outlined below:


    • BLACK & BARE WIRE - (Grounds) Solder the bare wire to the back of the closest pot, & the black wire to the RING of the Jack. (Make sure that the bare is not touching anything that will get grounded out.
    • WHITE WIRE - (Main Signal Hot) Solder to the TIP of the Jack.
    • GREEN WIRE - (Neck Hot from Switch) Solder to the middle lug of the NECK volume pot.
    • RED WIRE - (Bridge Hot from Switch) Solder to the middle lug of the BRIDGE volume pot.
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