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KEELEY C2 2-Knob Compressor, USA

The Keeley Electronics Compressor rocks. Compression has long been a studio and stage essential for pro guitarists, and Robert Keeley is making some of the best-sounding compressors on the market. What's his secret? Robert uses only the highest-quality components, resulting in a stompbox that preserves your guitar's natural tone, while juicing clarity and balancing out the strings. With the Keeley Compressor, you're getting studio-grade compression in a stompbox form factor. If you like your guitar sound up front and transparent, you need the Keeley Compressor in your rig.

KEELEY C2 2-Knob Compressor, USA

Out of Stock
    • Keeley C2 2-Knob Compressor
    • Finish in Silver
    • Used in excellent condition
    • New 3PDT Switch
    • Made in USA 2010's
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