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Gibson Les Paul Custom - USA 1963

Introducing the iconic Gibson Les Paul Custom from 1963, a true gem for any guitar enthusiast or collector. Crafted with a single piece mahogany neck and ebony fretboard, this vintage beauty offers a true vintage feel and exceptional playability. The original Grover “Patent Pending” tuners are in excellent working order, ensuring precise tuning and stability. This vintage guitar comes equipped with two real PAF pickups, POTs, plastics, and knobs, all of which have been meticulously preserved. Complete with the original Faultless gold plush-lined black case, this instrument is a timeless classic. While the frets have been replaced, the spirit and soul of this legendary guitar remain intact. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of musical history with the Gibson Les Paul Custom - USA 1963.

Gibson Les Paul Custom - USA 1963

    • All orig. Gibson Les Paul Custom 
    • Made in USA 1963
    • Polaris white, probably with some touch ups
    • Pickups: Two PAF and one non labeled (see picture)
    • Orig. gold plush-lined black case in excellent condition
    • Incl. original bridge with nylon saddles (not on picture)
    • Little crack on the Vibrola Metal (see picture), no problem in funktion or stability!
    • Weight: 3,7kg/8,1lbs
    • Shipping only on request, without refunds and on your own risk!
    • Versand nur auf Anfrage, ohne Rücknahme und auf eigenes Risiko!
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