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Epiphone SG Hardshell Case

Epiphone Guitar Case for SG Guitars


Guitar-shaped rugged wood case covered in black Tolex and featuring form-fitting interior with padded plush lining, heavy-duty handle, and accessory compartment. Super-tough hinges and drawbar latches. Non-locking. Contoured design saves weight while still providing maximum protection. Fits SG-style guitars.

Epiphone SG Hardshell Case

SKU: 137110
    • Dimensions: 1041mm x 63mm x 318mm
    • Manufacturer: Epiphone
    • Type: SG
    • Rugged wood structure
    • Tough Tolex covering
    • Padded, plush lining
    • Heavy-duty handle
    • Heavy hinges and drawbar latches
    • Accessory compartment
    • Contoured design
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