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  • Wired 50's style for authentic vintage sound and feel.


This is a prewired harness for Fender Telecaster Deluxe Guitars. Carefully wired “50’s Style” and grounded with vintage spec buss wire for a great vintage tone. For import guitars you may need to enlarge the holes for the higher quality US spec electronics to fit and also you may need US Spec knobs (to accept 1/4" shafts).


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    • (4) Emerson PRO CTS 3/8" Solid Shaft Potentiometers 500K
    • (1) Switchcraft J11 1/4" mono input jack (MADE IN USA) 
    • (2) Emerson Bumblebee Paper in Oil Capacitors (1: 0.022uf Bridge, & 1: 0.015uf Neck) 
    • (1) Wiring Diagram
    • The overall tone gets stronger, tighter, and more transparent. It’s difficult to describe, but you might say it’s more “in your face.”


    • The typical treble loss that occurs when rolling back the volume is much less than with standard wiring. Both the volume and tone controls become more responsive, and they react more smoothly without the usual hot spots. Another bonus: By simply rolling back your guitar volume a bit, you can clean up an overdriven amp without getting lost in the mix.


    • The tone and the volume controls interact with each other—something you might be familiar with from certain tweed-era Fender tube amps. When you change the volume, the tone changes a little bit as well, and vice-versa. This may be strange at first, but you only need a few minutes to get used to it.


    • BLACK & BARE WIRE - (Grounds) Solder the bare wire to the back of the closest pot, & the black wire to the RING of the Jack. (Make sure that the bare is not touching anything that will get grounded out.


    • WHITE WIRE - (Main Signal Hot) Solder to the TIP of the Jack.


    • GREEN WIRE - (Neck Hot from Switch) Solder to the middle lug of the NECK volume pot.


    • RED WIRE - (Bridge Hot from Switch) Solder to the middle lug of the BRIDGE volume pot.
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